Lady Nora’s Education

Lady Nora's Education

When a stolen kiss between Lady Nora Anderson and Frederic Greene results in the necessity for a quick betrothal, Nora has no objections. After all, she’s been in love with Freddy for months and knows he feels the same toward her. But then he says she must break their engagement because he can’t perform in the marital bed. Aware that Freddy has a mistress, Nora assumes that courtesans know how to pleasure men in ways she doesn’t understand, so she surreptitiously visits the beautiful Roxanne to ask for advice on pleasing Freddy in bed.

Freddy was left psychologically impotent by a prolonged torture session at the hands of French renegades during the war. When Freddy discovers how determined Nora is to go through with their marriage, he agrees on the condition that she’ll let him pleasure her.

But now Freddy’s enemies have targeted Nora for their pawn and he must face his worst nightmare to save her.
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